iGreet - interactive greeting cards with augmented reality

iGreet - interactive greeting cards with augmented reality
Technology of augmented reality iGreet is based on a proprietary algorithm for identification and tracking images. It operates at high speed and is not designed to recognize particular tags (QR codes, AR markers, etc.), And any type of target containing relevant image information. Mobile applications are iGreet neytiv development for iOS and Android

Using augmented reality technology to iGreet happens standard for AR applications way: by scanning the markers (in this case - greeting cards) with a smartphone via a special application (in this case - iGreet). When scanning the user sees pre-built moving scene, 3D image or video. The app is available free in Google Play and AppStore, as in it can be purchased and sent to the selected destination worldwide greeting cards.

Thanks to its use of technology for augmented reality, iGreet cards "come alive" when the scanning them with a dedicated mobile application you can download for free.

You can view the contents of the card, and open the application, click on the scan button and focus on the front of the card. Watch and enjoy!

Animated electronic cards can hardly impress anyone today. But, as it turns out, in this area also still be possible innovations and reassuring is that the freshest ones are the product of Bulgarian ingenuity. Anyway, native startup iGreet is about to change market greeting cards and even has intrigued some of the biggest players in the world.

The company has developed a new generation of cards that actually "alive" if viewed through the screen of the phone or tablet. For this purpose, the team uses technology known as augmented reality ( "augmented reality"), which allows real objects to be added virtual images or audio-visual information. The layout of the cards you do iGreet jointly developed by Bulgarian artists, as one of the goals of the company is to create, develop and support a community of talented young designers.

How can we give away such "live" card on our close? Simply purchase one from our website - or location of our shop Bull. Janko Sakazov 18 and take them out mobile application iGreet, which is available for the two most popular operating systems for mobile devices - iOS and Android. Then it remains only to target phone including an annex to the card and have fun.

Video presentation of the cards iGreet can be found HERE