* Online store performs free delivery with personal couriers of all online orders worth over BGN 20, in the city of Sofia!

* Deliveries are made every day from 10:00 to 21:00, including Saturday and Sunday for Sofia !. You can also indicate an approximate time when you want the delivery to be made and we will do our best to comply with it.

* Orders must be placed at least 4 hours before delivery time so that they can be executed and delivered according to the customer's wishes.
We recommend that you place your order at least one day in advance, especially when it comes to holidays.

* Orders to be fulfilled by courier outside Sofia must be ordered at least two days in advance before the delivery date. Orders can be executed according to the work schedule of the courier company Econt in relation to their official working hours on weekdays and holidays. DELIVERIES ARE NOT CARRIED OUT IN THE COUNTRY ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

* We guarantee delivery of flowers, provided that we have a complete and correct address and telephone number of the recipient. If the recipient is not at the address at the time of delivery, the flowers can be left with a neighbor or colleague (if a workplace) to be handed over to the recipient later.

* Always indicate the recipient's phone number so that we can contact him (we will not spoil the surprise, we use the phone only as a last resort and / or in case of a delivery problem).

* In case of incorrectly filled in delivery information or invalid phone number, which leads to impossibility of its fulfillment, the order is at the expense of the client !!!

* After completing the order, you should receive a confirmation by phone, in case this does not happen, please contact us by phone: 0899 950 458

* If you need additional information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us:
 tel .: 0899 950 458 | 02/943 40 06