* Shop online performed free shipping on all online orders over 20 leva, in the city of Sofia!

* Deliveries are made every day from 10:00 to 21:00, including weekends only in Sofia city!. You can also specify a sample time when you want to be the delivery and we will do everything possible to keep.

* For orders with delivery outside Sofia, with specified day for delivery Monday, please note that should be made at the latest on Friday until 12:00. So we can prepare them and take them into Econt office according the working hours of courier company .

* Orders fro Sofia must be claimed at least 4 hours before the time for delivery, so they can be executed and delivered according to the client. We recommend that you place your order at least a day in advance, especially when it comes to holidays.

**Orders to be fulfilled by courier outside the city of Sofia must be ordered at least two days in advance, before the delivery date. Orders can be executed according to the work schedule of the courier company Econt according to their official working hours on weekdays and holidays. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS we do not make deliveries to the country.

* We guarantee delivery of flowers provided that we have a complete and correct address and phone number of the recipient. If the recipient is not at the address at the time of delivery, the flowers can be left to the neighbor or colleague (if workplace) to be transmitted - later the recipient.

* Always include a phone receiver to be able to contact him (will not spoil the surprise use the phone only in extreme cases and / or in the event of a problem with delivery).

* When completed incorrect shipping information or invalid phone number, leading to the failure of its implementation, the contract is charged to the customer !!!