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After a successfully carried out order, we will confirm your purchase by phone call.
IMPORTANT! lilia.bg is an online flower shop and the order of any other product on the site is bound with an order for flowers.

* Policy for Personal Data Protection
  - We protect the personal information of our customers and treat  in the same way the users of this website. This policy explains to visitors the visitors of the website how the information is processed. If you are or become a user of our shop, we can use your personal information for additional purposes related only to your better service.
* Important
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* Legal basis
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* Your personal data
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When making payments by credit cards, our company does not store data used by your bank cards such as numbers, security codes, passwords, identification, etc.
* Disclosure of your personal data
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* Access to your personal data
  - Upon receipt of a written request from you, we may disclose your personal data that we store and correct or delete such data.
* Applicable Law
This policy is part of the Terms of Use of this site and as such should be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. 
* EasyPay

You can pay in cash at the offices of Easypay throughout the country. Easypay is a national money transfer system, with more than 2000 offices in Bulgaria. A complete and updated list of all Easypay offices can be found here.
- If you wish to pay in cash, write down the code for payment and go to one of the Easypay offices throughout the country. State that you wish to make a payment through Easypay to an Internet retailer and provide the 10-digit code that is unique to a particular order. This code is generated by the system of Easypay and is visualized in the final step of your on-line order. In case the employee at the desk of Easypay does not know how to process your payment, please tell them to do the following:
Go to the "Other Operations" menu
Then the "Payment to a merchant" menu
And then enter your 10-digit code in the "Invoice number / code for payment."
- If you wish to pay at an ATM, insert your card in the ATM, select the "Other Services" menu and then "B-pay". Enter the dealer code: 60000, then enter the 10-digit code for your payment. Complete and updated list of ATMs with activated B-pay service can be found here.
* EPay
   - ePay.bg is a Bulgarian electronic payment system that supports all types of debit and credit cards. If you have a credit card (or debit supporting electronic payments), you can pay directly, without having to have a registration at ePay.bg. If you have an ordinary debit card that is added and confirmed in your account at ePay.bg, you can easily pay through it. You can pay through an internal ePay.bg micro account. After the order confirmation you will be redirected to the ePay.bg website where you can make a payment through it in safe mode. The security of payments is ensured by www.epay.bg. Depending on the level user of ePay.bg, you might have a limit of the number of transactions. For more information, click here.
You can make a direct payment with your debit / credit card. You only need to fill in true data from your bank card, specified for the required fields when making the payment. If your card has an activated 3D verification, entering data for additional identification to confirm the payment is required.
The currency in which your card has been issued is irrelevant for online transactions. For credit card transactions, we do not add additional fees. Please contact your bank if any fees have been added to your payment.
* Bank Transfer
   - After selecting your desired product and confirming the order, you can pay its value as a bank transfer in favor of:
Millennium - 2 Ltd.

Bank: Eurobank Bulgaria
Recipient: Millennium - 2 Ltd.
Bulstat: BG130092285
IBAN:  BG 84 BPBI 79421020466801

Reason for payment: Order ....... (Order number)
After making the bank transfer, please send a copy of it to: liliabgonline@gmail.com
* At the delivery

For orders with delivery outside Sofia, with specified day for delivery-Monday, please note that should be made at the latest on Friday until 12:00. So we can prepare them and taking into Econt acording the working hours of the courier company.
You can pay cash for your order directly to the courier upon delivery of the selected product. To confirm the order we will call you on the phone and only then it will be executed. 
IMPORTANT! The following conditions apply only to payments made by credit / debit card:
* Conditions for refusing to carry out orders:
 - You can cancel your order, at least 24 hours before the time of delivery. Accordingly, this does not apply to orders made on the day of delivery, which are considered express. If the order is canceled less than 24 hours before the time of delivery, you owe a fee amounting to 10% of the contract value. In the event of a situation of denial of an order you have to do it by phone or email.
* Return of purchased goods:
 - Online Flower Shop lilia.bg ensures that your ordered products look exactly as shown in images. Deliveries are performed by private couriers of the shop, which guarantees accuracy, reliability and excellent quality of the product delivered. For these reasons we do not offer a return of an already purchased product.
* Conditions for recovery of sums paid by the cardholder:
 - If you requested order is canceled at least 24 hours before the time for delivery, we will refund the amount of the order completely. If you cancel your order less than 24 hours before the time of delivery, you owe a fee amounting to 10% of the contract value. The sum will be refunded by bank transfer after receiving confirmation from the client (email, phone) within 5 working days in the bank account provided by the customer via email.
* Conditions of return of ordered goods / service:
 - Due to the nature of the main products offered by Online Flower Shop lilia.bg it may be necessary to replace some of the types of flowers available according to the season. If such a situation arises, we will definitely contact you by phone to discuss the details and possibilities for making your request. If you are not satisfied with what we can offer as an alternative, we will refund the full amount paid by you. The sum will be refunded by bank transfer after receiving confirmation from the client (email, phone) within 5 working days in the bank account provided by the customer via email.