Peony - the king of the garden

Bloom is a beautiful flower, rich in rich colors in white, creamy, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink. It is believed to originate in China, where it still cultivates it with respect. They called it an imperial flower because the rulers decorated their gardens with him. In literal translation from Chinese, peony means "the most beautiful". The peony is a class of dicotyledonous plants. Most species are perennial herbaceous plants with a height of 0.5-1.5 m, but some are woody and represent shrubs up to 2-3 m high. The peony was cultivated more than 4000 years ago. There are three species in Bulgaria: Paeonia mascula, Paeonia peregrina and Paeonia tenuifolia.
They are spread over forests, shrubs and dry stony places. The roots and seeds are used for potions, and the infusion leaves for infusion. The most famous are the herbaceous peonies. They are typical of Asia Minor and Europe. They are appreciated for their beautiful colors, often their colorful leaves and interesting decorative pods full of seeds.
Colors are usually translucent and are arranged in one or two rows. The most popular types of pearls in Bulgaria are quiche.
If the rose is the queen of flowers, then the peony must be the king in the garden. Also called Imperial Flower, the plant impresses with kiky colors and fragrant aroma.
People believe that the imperial flower chases the spirits and protects against evil eyes. They also call it a "shy flower" because the legends tell that nymphs hid in its colors. In China, the color of peony is like a mascot for health and luck, and a bouquet of peony is given for happy occasions as a sign of gratitude and friendship.
In addition, the aromatic plant is a symbol of success and prosperity, attracting wealth and helping in professional growth.

It is believed that the peony has the ability to strengthen marriage, to bring romance into relationships. But that's not all. It is also believed that the peony donates the home with harmony, happiness and positive energy. Protects against evil eyes and spells. Donate young girls with beauty and serenity and help them to meet a partner who loves, respects and honors them all their lives.

Blessing is also a symbol of wealth. Many say you start to grow it once in your garden, prosperity will not overtake you. To do this, however, anyone who manages a royal plant must be treated with much attention and tenderness toward it. The jeweler wants not only sun and water but also love.
An ancient legend that has come to this day, reads:
Many years ago, at Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of healing, he became a young boy named Bojur. Because of his great abilities, he was appointed to heal the gods of Olympus.
One day Bozhur had to cure the grim Pluto, wounded in a heavy battle with Heracles, in an attempt to protect the gates of the Kingdom of the Dead. The young healer used everything from himself, although his patient was the Lord of Death and the master of the underworld. And, oh, a miracle! The wound was cured. Asclepius realized that his disciple had surpassed him. Envy and malice overwhelmed his soul and he decided to poison Bozhur with snake poison. The talk about Asclepius's intentions reached Pluto's ears. He returned to Olympus, gathered his brothers and sisters, and revealed the intentions of the jealousy. Bozhur was saved, but in order not to get there again, the gods decided to incarnate the soul of the young healer in a flower. This gave birth to the beautiful and healing, happy young and old, flower peony.
How to grow peony? Peonies reach a height of 50-100 cm. Tree-shaped - and two-meter shrubs. The last years are increasingly being imported and offered for sale wood-peony peonies. The varieties are thousands. They love mostly east-north without strong sunshine. They bloom from late spring to early summer. Woody blooms later. The colors of the tree are large, often double or full, with all possible colors - white, cream, yellow, orange, different shades of pink, purple and red, even violet.
Peonies are planted deep in a fertile, humus-rich soil that does not have to dry too fast in the summer. They love enriched soils, with the addition of well rotten manure or garden finger. It is useful to add such a fertilizer around the plant at the beginning of each new season. So its roots get extra moisture. There must be at least a distance of 60-90 cm between the plants.

Watering.  The jeweler wants a moderate watering so the soil does not dry out.

Light. Peony is a sunny flower, so it is desirable to choose a bright and cozy place to grow. He also suffers a partial shadow, but for a short time. Otherwise it stops giving color.

Planting and propagation. If you decide to plant a peony, you should be careful with the depth of planting. It turns out that this is a very delicate condition because it depends on whether the flower will enjoy you with kiky colors. If you plant a peony very deeply, there is a danger that it will pay you only with leaves. In case you place the roots too shallow, they remain unprotected and can easily be hurt or frozen. It is recommended that the reproduction be carried out in autumn. It happens through seeds or by pulling roots of the growing plant with buds.