* EasyPay

You can pay in cash at the tills of Easypay (EasyPay AD) throughout the country. Easypay e national money transfer system, with more than 2000 cases in Bulgaria. Complete and updated list of all cases of Easypay can be found here.

- If you wish to pay in cash, you write code to pay and go to one of the coffers of Easypay in the country. Say you want to make a payment by Easypay Internet entrepreneur and imagine the 10-digit code that is unique to a particular order. This code is generated by the system of Easypay and visualize the final step of your on-line porachka.V if the employee at the counter of Easypay not know how to process your payment, please tell him the following:

Go to the menu "Other Operations".
Then on the menu "Payment to e-trader".
To enter your 10-digit code in the "Invoice Number / Code for payment."

- If you wish to pay by ATM, insert your card in the ATM, select the "Other Services" menu and then "B-pay". Enter your dealer code: 60000 and then enter the 10-digit code for your payment. Full and updated list of ATMs with activated B-pay service can be found here.

* ePay

   - is Bulgarian electronic payments system that supports all types of debit and credit cards. If you have a credit card (or debit supporting electronic payments), you can pay it directly without having to have a registration in If you have an ordinary debit card is added and confirmed in your account in, you can easily pay through it. You can pay by internal micro After the order confirmation you will be redirected to the site, where you can make a payment on it in safe mode. Security payments are guaranteed by Depending on the level user may have a certain limit of transactions. For more information, click here.

You may make direct payment with your debit / credit card. Only need to fill in true data from your bank card, instructions on fields in payment. If your card is activated 3D verification will be required to enter additional identification to confirm the payment.
The currency in which your card is issued is irrelevant to perform online transactions. For credit card transactions is not deduct fees from us. For withholding taxes on payments made, please contact your servicing bank.

* PayPal

  - Online payment via PayPal account: is an international system of electronic payments.
Supports all types of credit cards and debit cards Visa Electron, which maintain electronic payments.
Fast and secure way to pay. All transactions are processed and guaranteed by PAYPAL.

After an order with a choice of payment "PayPal", the system will bring you to PayPal's website to complete the online payment with your account in the system of PayPal.
More about payment methods and services of PayPal can learn on the official website of PayPal.

Note that to use this payment method, you must have an account with PayPal, as well as add and verify bank card.
If you need to create one on the PayPal site or to browse our other payment methods.
Registration for PayPal enables you to use the system registered payment cards to many world famous websites.
You have the opportunity to perform, denial or postponement.

In online payment with PayPal payment currency is the euro.
The final amount to client increased by 4% to cover fees imposed by PayPal for making the transfer.
The amount of payment is equivalent to BGN cppyamo central rate of BNB.
Payment in favor of
Payments are processed in real time.
Upon confirmation that the payment is successful, we begin to execute your order.

C RauRal mozhete ea ppavite pazplashtaniya ppez cobctven RauRal ppofil, ĸaĸto and dipeĸtno ppez ĸpeditna or debitna ĸapta.
Bavedoxme tozi nachin na plashtane ocnovno zapadi potpebitelite, ĸoito veche imat cmetĸa in RauRal or ppedpochitat tazi cictema charter zaplashtane c chyzhdectpanni ĸpeditni ĸapti.

Bazhno e ea znaete, flashover when tool pazplashtane ppez RauRal cymata na popachĸata ce ppevalytipa in evpo and nie nyamame ĸontpol vapxy all around the ppotsec in low ppevalytipane.
Because content ĸato ctandaptniyat valyten ĸypc na RauRal e vicoĸ, there from nasha ctpana ĸam RauRal ce podava infopmatsiya in evpo cppyamo fiĸcinga na BHB.
Aĸo obache izpolzvate ĸapta in leva charter plashtane ppez RauRal, will nevertheless bade izvapsheno vtopo ppevalytipane obpatno from the evpo in leva, ĸoeto polzva ĸypca na RauRal.
Ha ppaĸtiĸa, tova mozhe ea dovede Until ocĸapyavane from the nyaĸolĸo leva in zavicimoct from the pazmepa na popachĸata.
Eto na zashto ppepopachvame izpolzvaneto RauRal charter cmetĸi in chyzhdectpanna valyta - charter debitni and ĸpeditni ĸapti in leva ppepopachvame to select payment "With the card through"

* Bank transfer

   - After selecting your desired product and confirm the order, you can pay its value as a bank transfer in favor of:

"Millennium - 2" Ltd.

Bank: First Investment Bank
Recipient Millennium - 2 Ltd.
Address: 1164 Sofia, St. Zlatovrah № 37
Bank account / IBAN: BG28FINV915010BGN09MWW
Reason for payment: Order № ....... (Order number)

After making a bank transfer, please send a copy of the document to e-mail:

* Upon delivery

  - You can pay in cash, your order directly to the courier upon delivery of the selected product. Order confirmation will call you on the phone and only then it will be executed.