Luxury scented candle Carrière Frères SIRACUSA LEMON

Luxury, french, boutique, gift, aromatic candle saturated with the smell of lemon from Carrière Frères 1884 - Fresh citrus fragrance that you can forget the stress and refreshes all your senses.
Immerse yourself in an exotic atmosphere with unique flavors of French luxury candles Carrière Frères.

Height - 9 cm diameter - 7 cm, weight - 185 grams.

Carrière Frères - Luxury Candles - produces some of the finest and luxurious scented candles, which can now be found in Flower shops Lilia.

French company with a long tradition in the production of scented candles founded in 1884.

This citrus fruit has been cultivated for 3,000 years and belongs to the Rutaceae family. Originating in Kashmir, it was first brought to Europe via the Muslim conquests of the Middle Ages and the Portuguese and Spaniards later began planting it in the Americas.
Characterised by its acidity, the lemon is today recognised for its many medicinal properties and its fresh, invigorating fragrance.

How to keep your candle:
- Never leave a lit candle unattended and do not let it burn for more than two hours.
- Always keep the candle burning until the entire surface liquefy and let it harden before re-lighting.
- Keep wick trimmed to 1.5 cm to avoid excessive smoke. Carefully align the wick before the wax has cooled completely.
- Always protect the surface on which the candle.
- Do not light the candle if it remained under 1 centimeter wax in court. The bottom was heated and may melt the surface on which the candle.

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