Luxury aromatic candle Carrière Frères Ebony

Luxurious, French, boutique, gift, aromatic candle with a deep, exotic breath of ebony from Carrière Frères 1884.
Immerse yourself in an exotic atmosphere with the unique flavors of the luxurious French candles by Carrière Frères.

Dimensions: Height - 9 cm, Diameter - 7 cm, Weight - 185 g

Carrière Frères - Luxury Candles - produces some of the finest and most luxurious aromatic candles that you can now find in the Lilia Flower Stores.

A French company with years of tradition in the production of aromatic candles, founded in 1884.

Ebony is the name given to the dark brown, sometimes black, tissue called "turmeric" found under the bark of the Ebenaceae. It is distinguished by its strength and density. Ebony is used to make luxury furniture and sophisticated musical instruments. The ebony trees are found in the tropical regions of the Old World and are often used in the fragrant industry for the charming smell that rises from their ashes.

How to keep your candle:
- Never leave a lit candle unattended and do not let it burn for more than 2 hours.
- Always keep the candle burning until the entire surface is liquefied, and allow it to harden before re-firing.
- Keep the fuselage trimmed to 1.5 cm to avoid excessive smoke. Carefully center the wick before the wax has cooled completely.
- Always protect the surface on which the candle is on.
- Do not fire the candle if there is less than 1 cm of wax in the container. The bottom is heated and can melt the surface on the candle.

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