Interactive greeting card with love birds

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Interactive card with added virtual reality "Love Birds"

IGreet of cards are an innovative way to express their emotions and are a great addition to any bouquet or arrangement basket of flowers.

At first glance iGreet cards for nothing differ from the traditional, but when viewed through the screen of a smartphone or tablet, they have the ability to come to life! This is thanks to the mobile application of iGreet and augmented reality technology that allows for real-world objects can be added computer-generated information in the form of audio, video, graphics and more. When scanning the card illustrations come to life on paper and on the screen appears hidden video greeting.

With iGreet application that is free and available for Android and iOS, as you can scan and can order cards with augmented reality.

The main aim of the creators of "come to life" cards, on the one hand, it is to give people a new way to express feelings and emotions, on the other - to present this unknown but rapidly growing technology in an extremely affordable way using traditional products such as greeting card.

iGreet made designs of their cards together with Bulgarian artists and illustrators and has the desire to create, develop and support a community of talented young designers.

Written on the card: Dennis Angelov

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