Interactive Card with Rhinoceros - Thank you!

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Innovative, interactive card with augmented reality by iGreet. Painted rhinoceros "Thank you, you're great!" A new and memorable way to send a greeting or a close loved one. IGreet of cards are a great addition to any bouquet or arrangement basket of flowers.

Greeting cards are a nice addition to any gift, but also a wonderful gesture. People are looking for more original way to create a pleasant emotion relatives serving them something truly delight them.
This task can decide immediately iGreet - interactive greeting cards with augmented reality.
They are more dynamic - illustrations on them are moving as soon as the scan them with your smartphone.

Suffice to download the application iGreet for Android or iOS, then scan the card.

The idea to make static images to life before your eyes in the moment you scan them with a mobile phone is more than an innovative and turns "serving" of such a card into a real fun experience for both sides.
Greeting cards will never be the same!

The card drawn by Denis Angelov

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