Eternal Rose "Forever"

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Eternal Rose "Forever"

Immerse yourself in the magic of Beauty and the Beast and the Little Prince with the unique natural, living, unfading, eternal roses in jars from Lilia Flower Shops

Stylishly decorated, natural, timeless, unfading rose in a bottle.
The transparent glass dome protects the rose from dust, moisture and adverse conditions by prolonging its life, and allows you to freely admire it. Unique and original gift for name day, birthday, anniversary, graduation, March 8 or Valentine's Day. Give a rose that does not need watering and does not wither over time. Give an emotion that remains. Free delivery to Sofia.


Express your emotions and feelings with the great offers from Lilia Flower Shops - Online order and express, free delivery of eternal roses, roses in a box, flowers and bouquets in Sofia.

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The perennial roses offered by Lily Flower Shops are 100% natural.
Treated with a special method of dehydration, the roses are wilting and at the same time look fresh.

If you need flowers for a birthday, name day, wedding, baptism, concert, formal dinner or just to make a loved one happy - trust florists and arrangers with many years of experience - we at Lilia Flower Shops will help you choose and respond to your needs with high professionalism, attention to detail and flexible proposals.