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Desert White wine Traminer Auslese 2011

32.00 lv.

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AUSTRALIAN, DESSERT WHITE WINE - TRAINER AUSELLE 2011 from Kracker - Weinlaubenhog Kracher Burgenland Auslese Traminer.
High-quality sweet wine from late harvested grapes from Zeevinkel, Burgenland. Aged and stored 50/50 in steel vessels and barric type 12 bar. Medium golden yellow color. Rose fragrance with a fine note of white marshmallow, grapefruit and Polish herbs. Mineral with an attractive acidity and taste of a yellow tropical fruit with delicate orange taste at the finish. Recommended with roasted goose liver, pates and cheese "Munster". Serving temperature 10-12 ° C.
Alk. 12.5%, ℮ 0.375 l
FALSTAFF - 93 Punkte

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Here you will find high-quality Austrian wine with special qualities.
Pursuant to the Austrian Wine Law, high-quality wines with special maturity and special crops include the following: the late Spretlese Selected Auslese, Eiswein, a selection of Beerenauslese grapes, wine of overripe grapes Ausbruch) and grape harvest grapes (Trockenbeerenauslese). They must not be improved (by addition of sugar, mustard), they must be from a specific wine region, their residual sweetness must result only from the interruption of the fermentation, they must be officially checked and carried a verification number; The designation of the harvest is compulsory. Grapes for high quality wine with special qualities should not be harvested with machines except ice wine and late grapes.
The grapes must meet certain requirements and must have a certain density of grape must

Late harvest (minimum 19 ° KMW)
Selected grape harvest (minimum 21 ° KMW)
Sour wine, icy wine, selection of individual grains (minimum 25 ° KMW, respectively)
Wine of overripe grapes (minimum 27 ° KMW)
Grape harvest of raisined grains (minimum 30 ° KMW)

The residual sweetness of high quality wine with special qualities must be achieved only by quiet fermentation or interruption of fermentation, but not by a sweet reserve.

KMW - Method of measuring sugar sweets