Dendrobium Nobile Orchid

Dendrobium Nobile Orchid
As a rule, there dendrobiumi round or slightly oblong pseudobulbs. Clusters are side with one or several colors. Many of the species are deciduous.

Most dendrobiumi prefer to be well lit, shaded if necessary only in the summer during the midday hours. In late summer and fall, when mature flowering Bulbourethral and released must be maximum illuminated.

Period of rest. Many species required to reduce watering and lower temperatures (up to 10-15 ° C).

During the period of growth dendrobiumi need abundant watering. From autumn to spring watering is reduced. It is necessary to track Bulbourethral not wrinkle. Love spattered water.

Planted in bark. It is possible to use such a substrate: pine bark, charcoal, perlite, sphagnum peat with added.

Tori is just in a period of active growth in one or watering every watering. The concentration of fertilizer as well as other orchids is 1/2 of the package directions.

By division Bulbourethral. It is possible that by cutting rooting. Bulbourethral divide this: Profiled iron with long fallen or drooping leaves are divided into parts with 4-5 knots. Cuttings are placed on the sphagnum moss and made their makeshift greenhouse. After the appearance of roots, young plants are planted in the substrate.

If successfully grow Phalaenopsis, then you are ready to buy their first Dendrobium.
The most suitable south-east or in the worst variant south-west prozorets.Severniyat window is definitely bad izbor.Pri need to doosvetyava 100 watt bulb placed on 10-15sm of orchid.
In dendrobiumi there is a clear rhythm in the life tsikal.Tozi natural rhythm should not be violated if we are to flourish.

How to provide a period of rest, which is essential for flowering?
Autumn temperatures begin to fall and thus reduce polivaneto.Prez October -noemvri go home in unheated room and put a window where you will continue to receive enough svetlina.Ako have the opportunity downgrade for 2 weeks to the minimum critical temperature: 18 degrees Dendrobium -falenopsis and 10-15 degrees for Dendrobium Nobile.
It is desirable that after the period of cooling temperatures to increase ten gradusa.Tova can moan in a very easy nachin.V cooling period run slightly curtain prozoretsa.V end of the period we raise the curtain to allow the sun beating down directly dendrobiumi.
If all this seems too complicated: just put dendrobiumi a bright window in the unheated room and watch the temperatures do not fall below 10-15 degrees
When forming buds begin to water, but a little.
After flowering again we stop watering and let the plant rest to proletta.Ponyakoga DENDROBIUMAT released new branches immediately after flowering, but this does not mean that it is awake - not water !!! We begin to water and torim only when new branches begin to form ROOTS -during the spring.
Throughout the spring and summer torim intensively to restore the plant from flowering and you energy for the new cycle.

In the winter of dendrobiumi lose their leaves -this is NORMALNO.Samo few of them are evergreen and retain their leaves them -At minimum temperatures are higher.

In dendrobiumi we CAN rotate the plant, even when we have pimples-NOT drop off.

Typical of dendrobiumi formation of keiki -this are stem cuttings and not from the base of rastenieto.Te appear when you do not provide a period of rest and orchid blossom rather than run keiki.

Likes to DENDROBIUMAT is narrow, so do not put in large pots!
In some species bloom young shoots after reaching maturity, while others - old shoots put color for years.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis difference with Dendrobium Nobile:
-vechnozelen type (do not lose leaves in winter).
-do not need a period of rest, do not put cold is not reduced watering, etc.
to flourish, they need 3-4 weeks difference between day and night temperature.
teo same sucker can bloom several times.