Bonsai in a pot 50 cm

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Beautiful mini Bonsai tree in a pot.
Height about 50 cm, along with the pot.
Great gift idea for Easter, St. George, birthday or just order it to refresh the atmosphere in your office or home.

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Free delivery of bonsai trees in Sofia.

Bonsai (in Japanese: 盆栽, "gardening in a tray") is the art of growing small copies of trees and shrubs naturally found in nature (bonsai is 300 years old).

So small and so exquisite, often so old and yet so full of life, the tiny landscapes of flowers, trees and rocks in all languages ​​are called by one name - Bonsai. You either fall in love at first glance in dwarf trees with strange shapes or not, no middle road, says the experts of this ancient Japanese art. But those who love them for a lifetime never get tired of contemplating them. For them they are a getaway escape into a natural, clean world in a miniature.

In Japan, where religion preaches admiration for nature, age and ancestors of the human race, bonsai is a highly respected art that symbolizes the struggle of a tree with its natural elements, and as every living creature grows for years and has its own individuality and character. Similar to other Japanese arts, such as silk drawings, a well-groomed live miniature picture is abstract, poetic, emotionally saturated, it prompts the observer to look for his own place in this "vibrant" landscape of colors and greenery.

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