Birthday greeting card - Singing candles

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iGreet card "Singing candles" is suitable for birthday.
Dimensions: 11 x 16 cm.
The card is made of high quality paper and comes with an envelope with a customized design.

IGreet cards are designed with augmented reality to make the holiday more exciting. Standard static cards, we all received with reason or no longer alive in our hands and bring us a new kind of emotion, unknown until now.

The special cards in the new generation is that when scanned with a mobile application iGreet, illustrations come to life on paper and appears hidden video greeting.

The innovative technology of augmented reality makes the cards to life before our eyes in the moment you scan them with the mobile phone. Suffice to download the mobile application iGreet for Android or iOS. The app is completely free.

How to view the greeting in iGreet card? Open the application, click on the scan button and focus on the front of the card. Watch and enjoy!

Greeting cards continue to be part of the gifts presented for pleasant occasions. And while technology is evolving, it congratulations paper remain unchanged, but increasingly sought after.
iGreet developing new generations of cards, inculcating t. pomegranate. augmented reality technology. Congratulations "come alive" in front of revelers if viewed through the screen of a mobile device and can entertain a loved one from any part of the world.
At first sight greeting cards iGreet look like any other, but behind them lies something more - livelier message, personal video and audio effects. Augmented reality technology allows real objects to be added to virtual images.