Basket with Dahlia, Hydrangeas and EUSTOMA for the first day of school

Beautifully arranged basket of flowers which can present on the first day of school or other festive occasion.

• Braided Court;
• Pieflora;
• Dahlia;
• Hydrangeas;
• Astra;
• Decoration.

If you want greeting card - select from the menu "Cards" and add in your order the desired card.
In the "Comment" on your order and enter the message occasion.

Some flowers are out of season, or the court is not available?
We Florist Lily are ready to
offer variety to the Solution
Your bouquets just as beautiful
we will replace seasonal flowers or other suitable container,
complying with the style and price of the bouquet or arrangement.
We strive to offer variety and
Special attention to each client.

Need flowers for first day of school, birthday, name day, wedding, christening, concert, dinner or just to please close - trust florists and decorators with years of experience - we of Flower shops Lilia will help you choose and will respond to your needs with professionalism, attention to detail and flexible proposals.

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Promotion of flowers and bouquets on the first day of school