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Here you will find excellent professional attitude, quick delivery of spring, summer, autumn and winter bouquets and thematic arrangements for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine's Day and March 8. We offer a large selection of flowers for a wedding, bridal bouquets, Christmas decorations and various decorations of flowers made with meticulous attention to detail.

In Flower shops Lilia will find rich and varied color solutions as well: unique bouquets with always fresh flowers, indoor and garden plants, bonsai, different size, type and color of orchids, eternal, natural, never fading roses, mourning wreaths, special arrangements to order flowers in a basket, boxes of flowers, roses in a jar, cigarette cases and other accessories and gifts, greeting and Christmas baskets. We offer arrangements for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, St. George's Day, May 24th, Prom, Valentine's Day, March 8 or wedding, potted plants, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, bouquets and decorations name-day, birthday or other festive occasion, wedding decorations and decorations, souvenirs, cards and gifts and bouquets for men, gift wrapping and any products and services that will make your choice and shopping easier and any occasion memorable.

We bouquets with seasonal flowers, gift baskets, wine boxes and arrangements of flowers to order, professional vertical, horizontal and roof planting, Christmas decorations and decorations for weddings, birthday, prom, christening, bachelorette party, March 8 , Valentine's Day, Palm Sunday, Christmas, Easter, St. George, May 24 and others.
Online flower shop Lilia offers completely free delivery within Sofia, personal couriers of each order from our site over 20 lev Delivery of flowers for proms and weddings.

Meet every festive occasion with unique arrangements, flowers in a box eternal roses and bouquets of flowers Lilia Stores. We prepare and deliver gift baskets, flower decorations, bouquets and arrangements tailored to the desires, imagination and budget of our clients.
Send a bouquet of flowers or greeting basket imenik, birthday, for anniversary, engagement, christening for the team in the maternity hospital or your doctor.

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Welcome to a place in one of our stores to enjoy the always fresh roses, orchids vandals falaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, etc., Lilies, anthurium, Aral, chrysanthemums, potassium, Strelitzia, tulips, gerberas, daffodils, muskari, petunias hyacinth, freesia, alstromeria and many other flowers and potted plants in season.
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